Catering & Specialty Orders

Special orders are exactly that – special. We customize your order to make your event more fabulous with Cupcake Corner fun and finesse. We’ll work with you and spend time on the details to find that perfect mix. Whether it’s icing in special colours, a must-have flavour, a logo or special decoration, we can do it. If you can picture it, draw it, or even just describe it we can make it happen.

Our cupcakes are made fresh the morning of your event, and we can deliver, set them up and even rent you the stand, so your job is only to eat them and bring us back our stand!!!

Our wedding cakes are priced from $5.00 per serving and up depending on the level of complexity, and number of servings required. We have created many different styles of cakes from classic to modern to meet the needs of your special occasion.

We have recently introduced 15 new cake flavors for your tasting pleasure, on top of the hundreds of different icings, we are sure to find the perfect combination.

The pricing listed is a general estimate for weddings and events.  Prices are subject to change once we fully understand your needs.

Anything else? Call us, e-mail us, stop on by, handwrite on a napkin – and let’s get started. They will love the product!

Catering/Custom Order Prices

Regular Size Cupcakes

  • Prices starting at $2.75 each (Minimum 100)

Mini Cupcakes

  • Prices starting at $1.60 each (Minimum 100)


  • Prices Starting at $1.75 each (Minimum 100)

Wedding Cakes

  • Prices starting at $5.00 per serving

Giant Cupcakes/Top Cakes

  • Prices starting at $40.00

Cupcake Cakes

  • Prices dependent on size

Stand Rentals

  • Prices start at $30.00 per event

All prices in Canadian Dollars

Cupcake prices are subject to change depending on the level of custom work required.


List of Specialty Cupcakes

Minimum Order: 12 of each flavour (24 hours notice required in most cases

  • ***coming soon*** mango, ube and and pineapple! *****
  • -Gluten free
  • -Vegan (our chococlate recipe is a fan-favorite !)
  • -Strawberry with champagne icing
  • -Cookies & Cream (with our homemade Oreo Cookie baked in the bottom)
  • -Assorted Cheesecakes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin, or custom
  • -Red Velvet
  • -Apple Cinnamon
  • -Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • -Coconut Key Lime
  • -Blueberry
  • -Double Chocolate Raspberry
  • -Maple Walnut
  • -Peach
  • -Mango
  • -After Eight
  • -Banana Cream
  • -Strawberry Banana
  • -Chocolate Bailey's
  • -Double Chocolate Brownie
  • -Strawberry Almond
  • -Cranberry Lemon
  • -Smore
  • -Lemon Poppyseed
  • -Ginger Apple
  • -Double Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • -The Turtle
  • -Chocolate Caramel Espresso
  • -Tiramisu
  • -Caramel Pecan
  • -Rum Raisin

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a specialty of your own!